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Nuro · Visions

"Passing Strangers" Part #1

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Here is my first entry. Just stretching the ol' nuro imagination legs, if you will...

Title: Passing Strangers(Ch.#1)
Starring: Midge Ure, David Sylvian, Bryan Ferry, Nick Rhodes
Rating: PG
Related song: Passing Strangers-Ultravox
Comments: A woman finds herself meeting a slew of enjoyable passing

1982(Somewhere In The World)

I hadn't intended to go out in a foreign town, but the crispness of the
growing nighttime air was too tempting.
I had many reasons for not wanting to go out in the first place:fear of
getting drunk, not remembering my way back to the hotel, meeting the wrong person at the
wrong time and so on. That, and usually, a lady doesn't go to a night spot alone. But
I thought I'd forgo the negatives, and see if I could live a little, dispite the business
nature of my trip.
Having gone shopping earlier was a good idea, and it almost made me
wonder if subconciously my mind was prepping me for my later decision.
Always liking to blend myself into an androgenous palate, I bought a
charcoal men's suit that fit my curves with surprising precision. It had a slight sheen
to it, which complimented my dark red tie and matching eyeshadow. Usually, when I dressed
more masculinely, I felt more confident-especially when I was in any city by myself. I
began putting on my earrings, when I opted for just one, on the right side. I did like
men after all.
The sun had set, and I was on my way out the door.
Inside the lobby, I couldn't help but notice a man reading the paper,
with some extremely expensive leather shoes resting under his crossed legs.
In between listening to the sharp sound of my own footsteps, a whistle
echoed behind me. I stopped, and looked at the only person it could have come from-the
newspaper still over his face.Gradually, the man peeked from behind it and smiled. He was
handsome, but I thought I'd play it cool and said,'You have good taste'.
He glanced down at his shoes,'Thank You', he said in a deep voice.
"I meant about the whistle", I said smiling back, heading out the lobby
"So did I!" He exclaimed, making a decent comeback, but I was going to
leave him for later if my evening didn't work out. "My name's Bryan", he called after me,
almost following me out of the building as I hailed a cab. I laughed and watched him wave
at me as I relaxed back into the backseat.
My cab driver was not at all what I expected however. He was lean and
had a very clean jawline.Humorously, he was the most fashionable cabbie I had ever seen.
"Where to", he asked.
I withdrew a cigarette from my suit pocket and placed it between my
lips,'Somewhere fun,..may I smoke?'
"You may." I watched him glance at me with light blue eyes in his over-
head mirror. His bleach blond hair was tucked under a black uniform hat, and if I didn't
know better, he was wearing eyeliner.
"Are you heading somewhere soon David," I asked forwardly, reading his
cab's ID photo. Again, never looked like any cabbie anywhere I'd ever seen.
"Well", he said turning the wheel and pausing, 'You seem like the kind
of person I can talk to, so I'll tell you. You are my last customer tonight, and I had
plans to visit a part of town you may enjoy, from the looks of it."
I didn't take that poorly, since we seemed like birds of a somewhat
related feather. I watched his eyes watch the road and passing cars, with small flashes
of his own lipstick bouncing off passing street lights.Nice.
"It's a small part of a secluded area of town where people meet, mingle,
and listen to entertainment,"he continued."I'd say you'd fit right in." His eyes
became cresents as he smiled a little, though I wasn't able to see his mouth, sadly.
I finished my cigarette and threw it out the window. I took out my compact
and checked my slicked back hair.
It may have taken a little longer than expected, but David was very
cordial, telling me a little on the various acts and musicians that played the area we
were going to. But eventually, we arrived, and he gallantly stepped out of the car and
opened my door for me. I got to see how his uniform hung off him, and his face full on,
and thanked him comfortably.
"There is some business I have to take care of,"he said loosening his
thin tie," but we may run into each other again. I'll be in the area tonight."
He shook my hand and pulled it up to his lips, kissing it. I was flattered,
perhaps even blushing a little, but it was a little brisk out, so he may not have noticed.
"What's the charge?" I took out my change purse. He smiled, allowing me to
see his genetics in action, and shook his head no, then tapped his cheek, turning his
head. I gladly gave him a kiss and thanked him again.

Naturally, after meeting two such gentlemen in one night, the next people
would be tough acts to follow. Still, my sense of adventure was going strong, and I
headed toward a club where a few stylish pairs of people were chatting outside.
My entrance was not only surprising, but delightful as I not
only noticed some of the most attractive people I'd seen in some time, but the interior
was absolutely lush.A curious mix of hanging velvet curtains, and art deco paintings
hung on satiny looking walls. It was busy with company, but not overly so, and the
electronic music wasn't too loud at all, so people could actually communicate with one
Opting for the safest place to start off with, the bar seemed alright.
If it got too crowded, I'd take a small table for 2 near the stage somewhere and people
Glancing all about behind the bar was nearly a thrill in and of itself.
Literally tens of hundreds of imported bottles lined the mirrored backing, and none that
I could see were repeats. However, the bartender's appearance stole my attention for a
time. I could only see the back of him, but he was a smallish man in black trousers,
a bartender's apron strings tied about his back and a white dress shirt. And although
that was normal enough, the back of his hair is what really caught my eye. It was pulled
back, very tightly, a champagne blond mingling pleasingly with dishwater roots, in a
long, thin braid halfway down his back. A tiny royal blue ribbon held the end closed
in a feminine bow.
He spun around, taking inventory presumably, clipboard in hand, and
counted bottles out of site below the bar with the tap of his pen. I watched the
numbers,'33,34,35', form as his frosted lipstick danced around the surface of his
lips. His eyes were lined and polished in a silvery shade, with perfectly brushed
eyebrows. His nametag said,'Nick' on it. He looked like a 'Nick' to me.
Upon me musing about this, Nick looked up and asked,'Can I get you
'Take your time,'I said, as I myself have done service work in my day,
and a little appriciation goes a long way from customers. He smiled and went back to
I glaced at a couple drinking and talking to a friend at the end of the
long bar, when I noticed a man coming over to me out of the corner of my eye. The waiter
held a tray with a tightly folded card atop, and said,'For you Madame'.
Picking up the note, written in fresh ink, it read,'Would you care to
join me for a drink?' Looking up at the waiter, he motioned his head in the direction
from whence he came. Everything was as normal as I saw it to appear when I arrived, but
somehow, I seemed to miss an ornate asain screen wrapped around a far corner table. Soft
billows of smoke rose over the screen's edge making my mind race a little more. Thanking
the man, I watched him walk back to the mysterious person, and I turned back to face the
bar and contimplate my next move. My hands fumbled with my pockets and pulled out my
compact, checking my appearance again, but not too obviously.
"I think you look rather nice", said the bartender, leaning both hands
against the inside bar's edge. I smiled and felt enough courage to accept the offer." Go
on, he's kind enough," he added, and I placed some 'thank-you' money in his tipjar.
It seemed like a walk across a far longer room than it actually was,
but sooner than not, I was rounding the corner of the elaborately decorated screen....
* * *
* * *
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On November 19th, 2005 01:36 am (UTC), boomtownrat commented:
So far I love it!

I'm getting some ideas for stories already, but it may be a week or two before I have the time to work on anything other than the novel I'm writing.
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On November 19th, 2005 07:44 am (UTC), eno replied:
Re: Hello!
No sweat! I'm just happy to have another pal in here.:)
You love it? Man, I think it's a bit silly myself, but I'm a notorious perfectionist. Even with silly, whimsy-writing.
Thanks though-I'll finish it shortly.:)
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