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Nuro · Visions

"Passing Strangers" Ch. #2

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Here's the next chapter in my silly first story. Do forgive any typos. My main ones tend to be spelling. So, since I am the moderator, let's allow just one story with typos-shall we? :)

Title: Passing Strangers(Ch.#2)
Starring: Midge Ure, David Sylvian, Bryan Ferry, Nick Rhodes
Rating: PG
Related song: Passing Strangers-Ultravox
Comments: A woman finds herself meeting a slew of enjoyable passing

I finally found myself walking around the screen-even though initially,
I laughingly almost 'knocked' at it.
And it was like something out of an old film noir movie, sitting right
in front of me. A gentlemen, with heavy, shadowy lighting barely presenting his features,
sat smoking an elegant cigarette. I couldn't help but wonder if he paid this bar simply
to shroud him in softened darkness so he could make such intense impressions.
More than likely, I stood there awkwardly too long. But I couldn't
get over this man's presence.His silhouette, the lighting, the perfection of his visable
clothing and table setting-all leaned on one another most dramatically. Fortunately, he
extended a hand forward in silence to offer the chair across from him to me. Otherwise,
who can say how long I would simply 'stare'.
I smiled politely, but gave him an expression as if to say,'Shall I
speak first or...?' But no sooner had I done this, did he begin to speak.
"What would you like me to get you", he asked, with a kind, pleasing
voice. I paused and considered how I should play my hand, so to speak. Something to
expensive, and I make be acting presumptuious. Something too inexpensive, and I may be
passing up the chance of a lifetime. Then, perhaps something mid to high range.
"Campari, straight please-thank you." And as quick as you like, he
snapped his fingers, and the same waiter who brought the messege to me was taking the
order from him! I was suddenly both impressed and a little shy.
Due to the extreme savvy of this club, the music playing around us
was soothing and quiet.I looked around thinking a band must go on much later in the
evening. That and did anyone else wonder what went on behind this asian screen when
a female disappeared behind it?
"Forgive my rudeness", he began anew,"My name is Mr. Ure, but you
can call me Midge." He extended his hand and shook-no, my mistake, another hand kisser.
Not that I ever minded such a rare thing doubled in one night. However, when he went
to do so, the shadows engulfed his face completely.
"Nice to meet you.Though I hope you don't mind if I don't give you
my name just yet-I find it more ladylike not to give it out to strangers." I didn't
mean to sound snooty, but I did have standards. Even if the drink was free.
At this point, he was sitting in such a way that only the very center
of his nose's bridge to the middle of his chest was visable. I could now tell he had
the most perfect pencil-thin moustache ever made, though it may have been drawn on.
But with this kind of attention to detail? Surely not.
Mr. Ure smiled very faintly, but it was genuine, I could tell. He had
a nice chin and a finely carved mouth(I tend to really go for a beauty of a mouth).
However, the most facinating part I could see of his face were these wonderful sideburns.
Not a true,'sideburn enthusiast' myself, these were altogether different. Each one came
down in this dagger-like point on either side of his face. I couldn't stop looking at
He withdrew from his cigarette as my drink was placed infront of me.
"So, what brings you here on such a night", he asked me.
"Well, I'm not from around here, so I followed a suggestion and came
to this part of town for a visit. Although, I chose this club by mere chance really."
I figured that since I was leaving in the morning, there was no harm in sharing the
basics of such information.
"Chance?" He asked chuckling,"Do you believe in chance, fate or
destiny?" He very slightly repositioned himself in his chair, and suddenly revealed
his entire face. His hair was slicked on the sides, a dark brown(or black-wasn't
quite sure) and wonderfully quaffed in the front. I was so delighted, I literally
had to stop myself from allowing my jaw to drop.
I swallowed a sip quickly to appear casual."That is a difficult
question to answer, since I feel we have some choices in things.Some say in our
Abruptly, he dropped his chin on his hand, resting on the table
and like a little child said,"Ok, fancy talk is over. Tell me your real name-huh?"
Alright, this time I did react. He went from,'Mr. Mystery Man',
to,'Adorable Puppy Dog'! Laughing, I gave him a surname.Juliette.
His face was sweet, smiling like a young boy,"Aww, now is that
your 'real' name?"
I laughed,"Those who earn it get to hear it". With that, I raised
my glass and cheered him in quiet.
The start of a satisfying conversation followed. He had dropped his
illusiveness and was down-to-earth-refreshing. Apparently, he worked there within the
town,(obviously wealthy) though he didn't trouble me with specifics. He and I adored
some of the very same musicians, which always leads me to more good conversation.
I am certain I was lauging pretty loudly at some points. Mr. Ure
was sharp, witty and if he was bluffing his genuine nature, I was buying it by the
barrel-full. There was little to lose at this point, and I do believe I was a little
bit tipsy.
No matter. The man was comedic and utterly charming. At one point,
he leaned against the table with one bent arm, his stepaled index finger supporting
his forehead. He bore this dangerous grin, allowing his smoke to pour out of his
nostrils like some new romantic chinese dragon.
Finally, he asked the magic question,"Juliette, are you hungry?"
I answered with a resounding,'Yes', though upon looking towards
the bar from around his screen, he caught my attention again.
"No,no,no. Let me take you someplace far nicer than this." I
perked up a little more and began readying myself to leave. But once more, Ure
surprised me, grabbed my hand and led me to the bar to pay(like I was his grade-
school girlfriend,cutely). Breaking free for a moment to count out what he was
leaving at on the counter, bartender'Nick' was just finishing off drinks for
the last of busy crowd who'd entered in moments earlier. I leaned over the bar
a bit, so he'd see my waving him forward. Running over, his ear met my voice.
"Is this guy on the level", I asked him cautiously. Though since
the music had begun playing far louder than before, he rested his silver painted
nails on my shoulder and nodded reassuringly. So unless he was in cahouts with
Ure, and they planned on swapping their clothes for mine(hey, a girl can dream-
can't she?), I was safe.
We exited the now busy club and jogged a ways down the sidewalk.
My arm, looped friendly in his, we quickly found ourselves at a small italien
bistro. He ordered for me, but I didn't care. The air was cool outside, but not
too cold now, and things were interesting.
Midge(now insisting I call him by his first name) was playing
all sorts of silly tipsy word games to tie up my tongue and eventually confess
my real name. However, I am a far sharper tipsy woman than he was a tipsy man,
so his attempts failed over and again. But a second time, I didn't mind. The
company and monetary attention made me feel a bit queenly.
I had no idea what time it was when finishing some lovely
food with Midge, but it was time to depart again. I invited him back to my
hotel room to play cards and perhaps have a final round of livations. As we
leisurely strolled along the avenue, he assured me he would be nothing but
a perfect gentleman in the hotel room of a lady. Laughing, I relooped my
arm with his and began to hail a taxi.
"No", he scolded,"we don't need one of those you silly."I re-
call thinking,'Dear Lord, he isn't honestly thinking he will drive me anywhere!'
Though when we rounded the next building, there sat a limo, pretty as you
please awaiting him. Why was I so surprised?
I started giggling, and was certain it was me and not any now
faded alcohol. Nothing could spoil this evening... except...I padded my suit
pockets with my hands, here, there, where was my id?? Lipstick, compact,
money, and no id to be found. Groaning, I deduced I must have accidentally
let it slip from my pocket in the back seat of David's cab!

* * *