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Nuro Visions

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New Romantic Visions, New Romantics Minds
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Welcome to a place where New Romantic and New Wave Visions can come out to play! This is a special community where members can share short stories from the depths of their imagination, pertaining to their favorite bands, musicians and personalities of the Blitz, New Wave and New Romantic era. Below is a list guidelines/etiquette, of what is encouraged, not encouraged:


* Please,No Flaming or Uncalled For Remarks
* One remark gets a smack, two gets you banned
* Keep posts on-topic, intelligible or coherent, and with comments enabled, else they will be deleted.
* All stories must be behind an lj-cut, as well as photos in the posts.Believe me, if it's awsome, people will click to read behind that cut!
*Any story is welcomed, so far it possesses fine grammatic quality and lucid prose style.
* NOTE TO SPAMMERS: Please contact the moderator for permission before advertising events or other communities here (the aim of this rule is to keep off-topic spam to a minimum, not to discourage promotion of relevant clubs, gigs etc.) If you don't ask first, your post gets deleted regardless of content. Repeat and get banned! Yay!

* Short stories featuring members of New Wave,Blitz and New Romantic bands, or related Personalites of the time. They can be themselves or cast as other characters, whatever you imagine!
* Long stories are allowed, but in chapter form(one chapter a post)
* Critiques are welcomed, but must always be presented in a kind and gentle way, or I will fillet you.
* Stories having a related musical lyric in the story title. Also, any photos of the people you are capturing in the story for added effect.
* Any Drawings or Art also VERY encouraged, as I am an artist first myself.:)
* Any attempt to tie the stories in with a certain song, lyrics or album relating to the stories characters, or main characters(see below under "headers")
* Creativity! Hamminess,Cheesy,Corny,Sappy,Weepy,Silly,Weird-so long as it's creative! Let your imagination take these songs,moods and people all over doing all manner of things!
* Stories that are no racier than PG-13/R, please. There are so many slash and related sexy story communities on LJ, I did want to allow our teenage, future New Romantics a chance to romp and play here without feeling too weird.:)
Get creative with ways to express intimacy within your characters and stories. And if you simply must write something sexually explicit, type out the lines you wish you could post, send them to me in an e-mail, and we'll both have a good laugh about it.:)
* Non-Writing-Eager-Readers are also encouraged to join! If you just want to read, that's quite alright.:)


*Being a 'Meanie'
*Making stories without any Nuro, New Wave or Blitz people at all. And although I am sure Bruce Springstein is a nice man, he does not belong in the online pages of the stories within this community. :)

Rating: (explained below)
Genre: (explained below)
Starring: (who is featured)
Related Album,Lyrics or Song to Story:
Ratings are the following (as taken from duran_stories)
G: for anyone to read
PG: slightly naughty; maybe some sexual references but it's all behind closed doors.
PG-13: Strong language; non-graphic violence; a peek behind the closed doors but we don't really see anything.
R: Racy, but more erotic and romantic, less obviously pornographic

(choose one or more, as your story concerned)
Suspense/mystery, romance, humor, vampire, fantasy, angst, mainstream, drama, other (anything hard to describe or with mixed ideas)

Your moderator this evening will be eno and I look forward to having you with us. Thank you for flying NuroVision Airlines and enjoy your flight.